Ranking Every WWE Title Match At WrestleMania Worst To Best

39. WrestleMania 2 - Hulk Hogan Vs. King Kong Bundy

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The first ever WrestleMania match to have the then-WWF Title on the line, Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy utterly stunk up the joint back at 'Mania 2.

After attacking Hogan on Saturday Night's Main Event V, Bundy threw down the challenge for WrestleMania. Wanting revenge, the Hulkster accepted this challenge on the proviso that this was a steel cage contest.

For nine painful, sluggish minutes we had Bundy dominating Hogan in plodding fashion before the familiar Hulking Up spot came into play. From there, it was a leg drop and an escape over the top of the cage for Hulk as he retained the WWF Championship.

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