Ranking Who Was REALLY The Worst Wrestler Every Year 1990-2021

31. 1991 - Oz

Giant Gonzalez Eva Marie

It wasn't just a stupid idea to present a handsome and agile seven-footer under such a drastically silly gimmick. The Wizard of Oz was an elderly, diminutive conman. Kevin Nash was f*cking massive.

He was also good, eventually, but in 1991 he was as green as his bastard hat; in a match against Sting, in one of few that didn't get the minus-star treatment from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he couldn't even clothesline his opponent over the top rope. It was a move that relied on Sting doing the bulk of the work, and he still couldn't do it.

His wide-eyed attempts at intimidation were as risible as whatever the hell the gimmick was.

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