Report: Either "Free Agent" Cody Rhodes Is A Work, Or AEW Is P*SSED

The latest on Cody Rhodes, for whom Wednesday's episode of AEW Dynamite should be telling...

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Dave Meltzer has claimed his All Elite Wrestling sources are avoiding him following yesterday's report that Cody Rhodes' contract with the promotion expired in late 2021, technically making him a free agent.

Writing on the Figure Four Online/Wrestling Observer message board, Meltzer stated his belief that either this means the story is true and AEW officials are "mad" about it, or it's an elaborate work and his sources don't want to flat-out lie to him.

One high-ranking AEW official has told Meltzer that while they don't know for certain, they believe Rhodes' situation could be a publicity stunt. This was the only person willing to speak with Meltzer on the matter yesterday.


Rhodes has been absent from the past few weeks of AEW programming following a legitimate family health scare. He is being advertised for a return on this Wednesday's episode of Dynamite, though him being pulled from that show would become a story in and of itself. As of right now, there is no indication of this happening.

Cody is currently in his third reign as AEW TNT Champion - and has a unification match with interim champion Sammy Guevara on his immediate kayfabe horizon.

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