Report: WWE Locker Room Has Moved On From Sasha Banks Unrest

Latest on Sasha Banks, her protracted WWE release, and the backstage reaction.

Sasha Banks

The long, protracted saga of Sasha Banks' release from WWE is no longer a topic of conversation backstage in the company.

Dave Meltzer reports in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that because "every day there is something new" when it comes to the story, Banks' situation isn't something people within WWE care about anymore. Sasha's attempts at getting out of her contract with the market leaders are no longer being discussed amongst locker room members.

The writeup has nothing new on whether or not Banks has been formally released yet, with talent unaware of her status.


That Sasha had been let go from her WWE contract was reported in mid-June. The situation is murky, however, as multiple outlets have produced conflicting information, though most had heard that Banks was at least attempting to engineer her release.

Last week, PWInsider's Mike Johnson reported that Banks and tag team partner Naomi were still listed on WWE's internal roster and still under contract. The duo's future has been under the microscope since they walked out of the 16 May Raw tapings, prompting WWE to issue indefinite suspensions and stip the duo of their Women's Tag Team Championships.

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