Roman Reigns' Next 3 WWE PPV Opponents Revealed?

News on Roman Reigns' next WWE opponents at Money In The Bank, SummerSlam and more.

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Wrestling Observer Radio is reporting that WWE plans to book Riddle, Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre as Roman Reigns' main three pay-per-view opponents over the summer.

According to Dave Meltzer, Vince McMahon drafted up the finish to Friday's episode of SmackDown on the day of the show. There, The Usos unified both the Raw and SmackDown Tag-Team Titles by beating RK-Bro. Post-match, The Bloodline hammered Riddle and Orton for good measure.

That post-match angle was added in as prep for coming pay-per-view bouts pitting Reigns vs. both members of RK-Bro. Meltzer claims that Roman will wrestle Riddle at Money In The Bank on 2 July, then face Randy at SummerSlam on 30 July.


Following those back-to-back Undisputed WWE Universal Title defences, Reigns will move on to work Drew McIntyre on the big Clash At The Castle stadium show in Cardiff, Wales on 3 September.

Basically, McMahon has Roman's July-September run all mapped out.


It looks like the reigning champ is off the coming Hell In A Cell show on 5 June though. WWE booking hasn't lined up a suitable opponent for that pay-per-view anyway, and Reigns' new deal with the company stipulates that he'll be working less dates going forward.

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