Stone Cold Has Been Ribbing Kurt Angle For 20 Years About One WWE Match

Angle throws up the double finger at Austin's teasing...

There was a lot one could learn from Big Show's recent 'Broken Skull Sessions' chat with Steve Austin on the WWE Network. The old friends went in-depth on everything from Show's time in WCW, his personal struggle upon joining the WWF and his thoughts on relative newcomers like Braun Strowman.

In the middle of it all, Austin chucked in a gem of a story about how he ribs Kurt Angle constantly to this day.

The pair had a match in Fresno, California back in the early-2000s, and it remains one of the only times Kurt ever got blown up in-ring. That's not something 'Stone Cold' wants his Olympic compadre to forget. So, like a total d*ck, Austin will occasionally text Angle with the words, "Remember Fresno?".


That prompts Kurt to reply with nothing but middle fingers. Glorious.

Austin did say that Angle became famous quickly for his conditioning and ability to work lengthy matches. That's why the 'Rattlesnake' is so proud of the fact that he's the only one who ever had the gold medallist sucking wind in WWE.


It's amazing that this rib has continued for almost 20 years.

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