The Many Faces Of Cody Rhodes - From Worst To Best

6. Legacy Superstar

Cody slipped seamlessly into a heel role as part of the Legacy faction, a group of multi-generation superstars led by Randy Orton. 

It is easy to forget that the faction didn't actually come together organically, more the members had to win their way into the group. Sim (son of Jimmy Snuka) and Manu (son of Afa the Wild Samoan) were the unlucky two to miss out.

Legacy was therefore made up of Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and our dear Cody Rhodes. Whilst the heel turn did make Cody more interesting as a character, the general consensus was that he was the third wheel of the group. Ted DiBiase was going to be the star of the future, with many confidently stating that he would be the one to end the Undertaker's WrestleMania streak.

How ridiculous does that sound now?

Even when Legacy split up, it was DiBiase who seemed destined for bigger things. Cody had to go away and reinvent himself.


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