The One WWE Gimmick That Was Too Offensive Even For Vince McMahon

Heidenreich Poem

Jon Heidenreich's name is a punchline.

In any worthwhile conversation on green big men (Heidenreich was 6'7"/300lbs) pushed over their heads in pro-wrestling, his name comes up. You can't discuss the Ruthless Aggression era's worst angles or gimmicks without mentioning the night he dragged Michael Cole backstage to (seemingly) sexually assault the announcer or his time as a Disasterpiece-spitting poet respectively. Worst Undertaker feuds? Here's Jonny. Failed tag runs? LOD 2005.

It's a shame in a way, because few wrestlers have ever experienced so many high-level flops in such a short period of time. Heidenreich was employed by WWE only from late 2003 to his January 2006 release. He had size, a good look, and a slither of charisma, but lacked presence and skill between the ropes and was served sh*t sandwich after sh*t sandwich by WWE creative, who immediately thrust him into a spotlight he wasn't ready for and saddled him with garbage. In that respect, the big fella never stood a chance.

But despite all this, WWE's worst Heidenreich-related idea was left on the cutting room floor back in 2004, as Jon was preparing to return after going missing from television in May...



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