The Shield Reunite On WWE RAW

The Hounds of Justice are BACK!

The Shield reunite

The Shield reformed their alliance on Monday Night RAW to prevent Braun Strowman from cashing-in his Money in the Bank contract following a gruelling main event match between Roman Reigns and Finn Bálor for the Universal Championship.

After being thwarted from utilising his championship opportunity at SummerSlam due to an attack by Brock Lesnar, the Monster Among Men looked set to face and handily defeat Reigns, who had just beaten Bálor in a great match two years in the making, before Roman's brothers-in-arms came to his aid.


Strowman had already warned Finn backstage that he would be waiting for whoever was victorious in the main event, and as Reigns vs. Bálor drew to a close, Braun ominously emerged from the back to observe the final moments. His arrival almost cost Reigns his newly won prize, but the Big Dog dodged a Coup de Grace and speared his opponent for the win.

Mr Monster in the Bank swiftly entered the ring, viciously kicked a clearly exhausted Reigns and handed the referee his briefcase to invoke a cash-in. However, before the bell rang, the unmistakable theme of The Shield echoed around the Barclays Centre and the familiar sight of Rollins and Ambrose decked in black made their way to the ring.


Strowman attempted to fight off The Hounds of Justice but was overwhelmed by their sheer numbers, speared by Reigns, and (as is tradition) Triple Powerbombed through the announce table before the trio adopted their traditional pose over their fallen foe.

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