The Untold Truth About WCW Champion David Arquette

Scream if you wanna go (out of business) faster.

David Arquette Wcw

On August 18th 2019, David Arquette and partner Brian Anthony fell to Jerry 'The King' Lawler and Keith Youngblood in a sort-of run-of-the-mill Tag Team Title match for independent promotion Northeast Wrestling.

Sort-of because a clip did the rounds on social media of Lawler hitting the Stone Cold Stunner on Anthony before Arquette nailed a Diamond Cutter for good measure, all after an earnest 10 minute match either side of the former Enzo Amore and Big Cass working singles encounters. Sort-of because Lawler continues to work the weekends despite wrestling nearly taking his life in 2012. Sort-of because David Arquette is David Arquette.

It's perhaps not a story to you the wrestling fan reading this now, if you happen to take a passing interest in the scene. But even if you weren't aware that Arquette has been embracing the grass roots of an industry he once guest-starred in at the highest level, his name still won't feel that odd in this context because of his infamous involvement in the industry during pro wrestling's hedonistic turn-of-the-century heyday.

The Stunner/Diamond Cutter clip was an enjoyable slab of indie wrestling patter to entertain Twitter whilst the rest of the platform went into confused meltdown over NXT's move to the USA Network, proving that even the worst ideas can eventually have some merit. Arquette was at long last a welcome distraction for wrestling fans, nearly two decades after being one of the most accursed figures in its complex and convoluted history.

Much like Dewey Riley in the Scream series, he was the babyface all along. The corporate world that birthed "David Arquette: WCW Champion" was so full of disconnected nincompoops and accidental heels that nobody stopped to see the damage his latest role was about to do.



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