Triple H Issues First Statement After Cardiac Event Health Scare

WWE COO Triple H has broken his silence after his recent hospitalisation.

Triple H

Triple H has issued his first public statement since undergoing a procedure following what WWE described as a "cardiac event" earlier this month.

The WWE COO tweeted the following on Tuesday evening (21 September), saying that he is recovering and doing well, thanking everybody who has shown him support in the process:-

WWE revealed the 52-year-old's hospitalisation on 8 September. It was noted that the situation had been caused by a "genetic heart issue," with Triple H undergoing treatment at Yale New Haven Hospital. Now, it seems 'The Game' is on the road to recovery.

A couple of independent updates have emerged since Triple H's health episode. The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer noted last week that it didn't look like the NXT executive producer would be returning to work anytime soon, with Shawn Michaels handling much of his day-to-day duties for the 14 September NXT 2.0 relaunch. Later, the same outlet reported that while Triple H was "in good enough shape to take calls", talent had been asked not to talk WWE business with him.


The most important thing here is that a husband and father of three is seemingly on his way back to full health. All the best to Triple H in his recovery.

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