UFC Hall-Of-Famer Shoots HARD On Brock Lesnar

In which 'The Beast' roasts 'The Beast Incarnate.'

Reddit user u/SleeperHold296 has dug up old comments from UFC Hall-of-Famer Dan Severn in which the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion verbally roasts Brock Lesnar.

"His [sic], and his mouthpiece claim that he's the new beast incarnate, or whatever he refers to him as," Severn said as part of a Reddit AMA. "He's acting like he's the first wrestler to hold a belt in both wrestling and UFC. Yet, I carried my NWA title out to the cage and it sat next to my UFC title. Brock never did that."

Severn went on, criticising Brock for his PED usage and WWE for making a big deal about Lesnar coming out of retirement to face Mark Hunt at UFC 200, even though he once worked eight MMA fights while under a WWE contract that saw him on the road for 20 days out of every month.


It's incendiary stuff, though while Severn is rightly considered one of the UFC's early pioneers, that his professional wrestling résumé doesn't stack up with Lesnar's will likely spark criticism. Dan wasn't well used in WWE, admittedly, but he was largely considered a bust, while Lesnar is an eight-time World Champion.

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