Update On WWE's Interest In Buying TNA

Apparently Vince McMahon does want them...for their old footage.

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Big rumors continue to go around about TNA's future. A few days ago, WWE was listed as a potential suitor to buy the company, however, Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer said his sources knew nothing about it. Now, things have changed.

Apparently WWE is interested in purchasing TNA, but only if no one else is going to. They wouldn't run it as its own brand like they attempted to with WCW, and may only really want their library of footage. With the additions of Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Eric Young and A.J. Styles to the roster, that makes a bit of sense.

Meltzer has also reported that besides Billy Corgan attempting to buy TNA, there is a second party that is interested. He specified that it is not Aroluxe either (the company that helped finance some TNA tapings earlier this year).


Corgan wants a deal in place by the time Bound for Glory airs (Oct. 2), so we should hopefully find out soon just exactly where TNA is headed, and if it will even be in existence within a few weeks.

It would be a shame if WWE did buy the company just to shut it down. While adding another promotion would be overkill, a one time NXT vs. TNA event would likely garner quite a bit of interest for their network.

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