Vince McMahon's Reaction To Last Night's USA Network Debut For NXT

Vanilla midgets or fantastic action? Vinny Mac's verdict is in!

Undisputed Era

Vince McMahon is a notorious hard-ass who loves to pick fault with things, and many online wrestling fans are under the belief that Vinny Mac pays little to no attention to NXT. In fact, those same fans are fearful of the notion that Vince might start tinkering with the yellow and black brand.

Now though, McMahon’s opinions on last night’s USA Network premiere of NXT are in!

Despite the belief that Vince couldn’t give two single shits about NXT and that he cannot stand the performers of the brand, supposedly ol’ VKM had a blast with the most recent episode of NXT.

During Triple H’s post-NXT media call, The Game was asked about McMahon’s reaction to the show. As Hunter put it, Vince hounded him with text messages throughout the day and was ecstatic to see the NXT talent knock it out of the park. Added to that, McMahon extended congratulations to Triple H and all of the people involved in NXT.

Triple H would go on to add that Vince doesn’t get the credit he deserves for embracing the different elements of the wrestling world.

While this is all likely 100% true, mind, it’s not likely Hunter is going to come out and go, “Yeah, Vince said the show was the drizzling shits and he wants these midgets fired!”

Still, this first week of NXT on USA provided a fantastic in-ring product, and things should get even better as NXT finds itself going up against AEW when All Elite premieres on TNT October 2nd.

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