Where Did WWE Film SmackDown's 'Bar Fight' Scene?

It wasn't "Sheamus' home bar" after all...

Last night's episode of SmackDown was headlined by the 'Bar Fight' between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy, and it ended in victory for the latter - that was something WWE described as Jeff's ultimate redemption following substance abuse issues, and it's believed to be the end of his feud with Sheamus.

Before SmackDown, some guessed that the scrap would take place in the same "home bar" Michael Cole has been harping on about for weeks. It didn't.

Instead, WWE used the Irish Shannon’s Pub on Church Street in Orlando, Florida as a host venue. They even drafted in the same independent wrestler (Vinny McParland) to play Sheamus' bartender; he was the same guy Hardy blasted with a Swanton Bomb several weeks ago.


Rather hilariously, his screen name was "Vinny Mac". No prizes for guessing who that was a less-than-subtle nod to.

JBL even showed up as a talking head to hype the 'Bar Fight' between both men before it started. It seems that Jeff is in line for bigger things now his feud with Sheamus has finally ended.


He'd make a great opponent for AJ Styles at SummerSlam, for example.

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