Which AEW Female Star Told Brock Lesnar She'd "Whoop His A**"?

Brock got a kick out of it...


AEW's Big Swole told the promotion's 'Unrestricted' podcast all about a hilarious interaction with Brock Lesnar during a WWE tryout in 2016.

Swole was working out in the ring with some other hired-in extras before wrestling Nia Jax on an episode of Raw (Swole was named Aerial Monroe for the one-off gig). She was sickened by how some of her peers were sucking up to Lesnar any time he strolled past.

So, she decided to be a bit different.


Swole walked up to Lesnar and said, "Brock, right?". When he replied confirming that he was indeed who she thought he was, the AEW wrestler scorched him by saying, "I just wanna' let you know that I could whoop your ass!".

Everyone was stunned, but Brock got a kick out of her fiery nature and laughed. Then, he said, "That's funny" before walking away. Brace yourselves for Big Swole vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 37.


Seriously though, it took some balls for Swole to tell Brock that she'd beat him up. She admitted on the podcast that she did it to make him laugh after seeing how irritated Lesnar was that everyone was being so false and polite.

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