Why WWE's Damian Priest Isn't Cashing-In His MITB Contract

For those wondering why Senor Money in the Bank is yet to cash-in, here's why...

WWE Money In The Bank 2023 Damian Priest

Having won the men's Money in the Bank briefcase all the way back in July at the MITB Premium Live Event, there have been many instances where fans have been left puzzled by Damian Priest not cashing-in his MITB contract.

In particular, there have been so many times where World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has been left prone or vulnerable, ripe to be cashed-in on, and a sitting duck who Priest could take advantage of to become the top dog on Raw.

For those growing frustrated at seeing these moments bafflingly be passed up on, Damian Priest himself has explained why he's not attempted to cash-in in recent weeks - which would be due to Rollins' currently being injured.


Speaking to The West Sport (via WrestlingNews.co), the Judgment Day man explained:

"I’m based on Raw, and being that Seth Rollins is the champion, unfortunately he’s not medically cleared, so I can’t cash-in right now because, officially, he can’t be in a match. So, I kinda have to just wait until he’s cleared, or if I find myself on the other show, it’d be different, but that champion isn’t around all the time either. It’s one of those things about me biding my time. I still have until July 1st, and I have plenty of time."

Of course, we've seen numerous instances over the years of someone cashing-in on a World Champion who's kayfabe injured - such as Jack Swagger on Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio on CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler on Del Rio - but in the case of Seth Rollins, he very much is injured for real right now.


For Rollins, he tore his MCL and partially tore his meniscus during his Day 1 match against Jinder Mahal last month. Despite that, the Visionary is still expected to be back in action for WWE WrestleMania XL, where'll he defend the World Heavyweight Title against the winner of the men's Elimination Chamber bout. Likewise, there's plentiful talk that 'Mania XL Night 1 may see Rollins teaming with Cody Rhodes to take on The Rock and Roman Reigns.

In terms Damian Priest at WrestleMania XL, it seems most likely he and Finn Balor will be defending their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships. As seen by Rollins himself back at WrestleMania 31, though, there is precedent for a Money in the Bank cash-in at the Granddaddy of Them All...

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