Why WWE's Ratings Desperation Is A GOOD Thing

Vince McMahon Point

Is Vince McMahon still in tune with his audience, or did he stumble and fall on Twitter and land headfirst in his own notifications as liked by Triple H? Does he bother to read the aimless-but-able output on WWE.com, or scroll below the line to test the pulse of his self-styled "Universe"? None of the above, obviously. In between workouts and one hour's sleep, he's got no time for bothering to check what any portion of his audience wants, when his entire fortune has been built up simply telling them or actively working in spite of it.

Why, then, have his most recent appearances frequently steered towards the contrarian chaos of a comments section?

Before WrestleMania, he willingly threw himself under a company-branded bus to get Charlotte Flair in main events and take Kofi Kingston out of them. On the second SmackDown Live after the 'Show Of Shows', he laughably lauded Elias as the biggest acquisition in the show's history as a red herring tease for Roman Reigns. There's light relief lurking below the darkness of this booking pattern - the daft old f*cker knows what he is. He knows he's out of touch, operating on a level below even levelheaded expectations of his most ardent supporters.

Or at least, the Mr McMahon gimmick does. He'd have to, in order to still have the grapefruits to call himself "brilliant" in the middle of the ring on Monday's horrendous edition of the show. Vince McMahon's been wanting to kill the character for years, so said Bruce Prichard before he got his job back. Might this be The Chairman's latest attempt to put a bullet in the evil billionaire's brain?


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