Wrestler Describes Himself As "Greatest Transitional WWE Champion Ever"

This old favourite says he "didn't feel the pressure" of being WWE Champion.

Mankind WWF Champ

Mick Foley has described himself as the "greatest transitional WWE champion ever".

The company legend told fans via his 'Foley Is Pod' show that he had the luxury of zero pressure across all three reigns as WWE's top champ. Obviously, there was pressure to perform at the box office, but Mick just didn't feel it.

That's why he sympathises with old pal Shawn Michaels when fans rag on HBK's run as champion in 1996. Michaels was under a ton of pressure, and it eventually showed. In fairness, Shawn wasn't exactly in the best place personally during his first reign, but somehow still managed to deliver scorchers in-ring.


TV ratings, house show attendances and pay-per-view buyrates weren't sky high though.

Foley didn't suffer through that sort of stuff. Instead, he viewed himself as a "transitional" champ. In fact, as he told listeners on the podcast, Mick believed he was "the Bret Hart of transitional champions". That's such a Mick Foley way of looking at things, and part of the reason why wrestling fans adore him so much.


Mick didn't hold the belt for longer than a full month at a time.

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