WWE: 10 Attitude Era Superstars Who Could Still Make An Impact Today

Kurt Angle You can set your watch to it: When the Undertaker shows up on Raw, it's officially WrestleMania season. While it's a given that 'Taker will emerge from hiatus this time of year, WWE has upped the ante in reaching into its past to support the present. In recent years, another Attitude Era superstar, The Rock, has returned to headline a couple Manias. And HHH has stepped out of semi-retirement to wrestle marquee matchups in three straight WrestleManias €“ with a fourth coming this year. Despite the fact that the Attitude Era ended a dozen years ago, WWE can't seem to stop living in the past. That is not necessarily a complaint. Roster mainstays Kane, Big Show, Mark Henry and Christian are pretty much the last vestiges of that era, while more recently we've seen Attitude Era stars like Goldust and the New Age Outlaws return in prominent roles. What other Attitude Era stars are out there who can still make a positive impact in the WWE today? The window is closing fast on a lot of these stars -- we see it with performers like Kane, Mark Henry, Big Show and Christian stepping back into supporting roles more and more. So who is left from that 1996-2002 time period who can still come in and boost the product? Honorable Mention: Chris Jericho


The only reason Y2J doesn't make the main list is because it's widely assumed and accepted that Jericho will return to WWE at some point in the near future. If it's anything like Jericho's last couple runs, he'll get inserted into a couple high-profile feuds (really, Y2J's presence alone raises the level of the matchup), put over someone and fade out after a few months. Jericho is the ideal example of an Attitude Era superstar wrestling in 2014 WWE: someone who generates interest in the product, raises the level of competition, but doesn't overshadow/embarrass other performers in the process.
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