WWE: 10 Biggest Missed Opportunities With CM Punk

10. Capitalizing On A Potential Pepsi Partnership

CM Punk is essentially a walking free advertisement for Pepsi, his Globe tattoo is one of his most notable and he's expressed openly that he's a keen drinker of the beverage. So why did WWE never use this to their advantage? Randy Savage's Slim Jim campaign is the stuff of legend and gained WWE massive exposure in the 80s, why didn't they use Punk as a mascot for Pepsi? It could have helped WWE gain more crossover popularity into the mainstream and could have made Punk a bigger star and a box office draw. WWE have always had a good working relationship with the conglomerate and have entered sponsorship deals with them in the past, it seems silly to not get Punk to at least do a commercial campaign. I hate to say the phrase but that is something that was best for business.
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