WWE: 10 Greatest Superstar Ribs Of All Time

5. Under The Ring Surprise

ultimate warrior There is a tradition in wrestling of having a wrestler hide under the ring before the show starts so he can sneak attack another wrestler by coming up through the ring. The problem with this is, if you are doing this stunt in the main event of a pay per view then you have to be under the ring for about three hours before you get the chance to do your bit. This is quite an opportunity for a good rib if you have a wrestler who is very disliked (The Ultimate Warrior) and a wrestler who very much likes to come up with funny practical jokes (Curt Hennig). So Warrior gets under the ring shortly before the show is due to start and notices a bad smell, a smell awfully reminiscent of human waste. After a short investigation Warrior discovers a bucket of poo has been placed under the ring near his hide away. Warrior can't leave because the show has now started and everyone would see him and can't remove the bucket of poo as everyone will see that also so he has no choice but to sit next to a bucket of poo for three hours. Horrible but because it happened to Warrior it seems strangely justifiable.
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