WWE: 10 Reasons The Montreal Screwjob Was The Biggest Work Ever

Wreslting The Montreal Screwjob, the most infamous pro wrestling incident of all time. It was a defining moment in wrestling history, launching the Attitude Era and giving birth to a generation of 'smart mark' fans who flocked to the internet to talk about what happens 'backstage'. It is widely accepted that what happened on the night of November 9th 1997 in Montreal was a legitimate action which was not in the script. Bret Hart was the reigning WWF Champion, and was defending the belt in Montreal, Canada as a national hero of sorts. Hart was a very close friend of WWF owner Vince McMahon, but after 14 years of working together, both sides had agreed that Bret should sign with mega rich rival WCW. This suited both men. Vince was looking to cut costs and rearrange his main event line up, Bret meanwhile was looking for one last big payday as he approached the end of his career. The screwjob happened when Vince McMahon ordered ringside officials to "ring the f***ing bell", as Shawn Michaels held Bret in the 'sharpshooter' submission hold. Bret clearly didn't tap. What had been an average WWF Championship match ended, and Shawn ran away up the ramp carrying the WWF title. This was not scripted. The plan had been for Owen Hart and the Hart Foundation to run in and cause a DQ finish. Bret had a look of shock on his face, and spat in Vince McMahons eye, before smashing up the ringside table. It later emerged through a comprehensive Wrestling Observer news report and the documentary Wrestling With Shadows that a legitimate screwjob had gone down. Bret had refused to drop the belt in Canada and Vince had promised Bret they could do a DQ instead. However, McMahon wasn't taking any chances of Bret jumping to WCW with the title. The WWF owner secretly conspired with referee Earl Hebner and Shawn Michaels to end the match with a sharpshooter and make it look like HBK won. That is the accepted truth. However, there is a considerable amount of evidence to suggest that the Montreal Screwjob was in fact the greatest wrestling 'angle' of all time, an elaborate storyline that was designed to launch everyone involved into success. It is to Vince and Bret's credit that they have managed to make the incident so convincing, and kept the 'work' theories hushed. Here we look at 10 reasons why the Montreal screw job was the biggest work ever...
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