10 Stupidest WWE Superstar Arrests

4. Ken Patera & Mr. Saito

Ken Patera Mr Saito Former Olympic weightlifter and strongman competitor Ken Patera was a pretty well-known wrestling star in the 70s and 80s, finding success in both the AWA and WWE. Mr. Saito was a Japanese star who found stardom in America teaming with Mr. Fuji, as well as winning the AWA World championship. In the after hours of an April night in 1984, Patera and Saito visited a McDonald's in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Since the restaurant was closed for the evening, the men were denied service. Well, this didn't sit well so Patera decided to throw a boulder through one of the windows. You read that right. He didn't toss a rock or a brick, the powerhouse from Portland launched a boulder the likes of which Wile E Coyoto would have loved to drop on the Road Runner, through the window of a fast-food joint. For his part, Ken claims someone else threw it, but since no one around was capable of lifting the rock that nearly crushed Indiana Jones, no one buys that story. As if that weren't enough, the two wrestlers decided to brawl with the cops who responded to the complaint, and were eventually subdued and arrested. Although competing in the AWA during his arrest, at the time of his sentencing he was back in WWE. The company brought him back once again after his release, but a bicep injury saw his run come to a disappointing end just a year later.
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