WWE: 12 Former TNA & WCW Stars Who Didn't Live Up To Expectations

12. Shawn Stasiak

As a second-generation wrestler Stasiak had big shoes to fill, and his first attempt to do so in the WWE was unsuccessful under the guise of Meat. But in WCW things looked much brighter for Stasiak, as he immediately launched into a rivalry with Curt Hennig, who ended up coaching him after being impressed by his mock version of Hennig's Mr Perfect gimmick. He would capture the WCW Tag Team Championships three times with Chuck Palumbo as a part of The Natural Born Thrillers stable, and after the group split Stasiak aligned himself with Ms. Hancock (Stacy Keibler) and won a feud with another legend in Bam Bam Bigelow. When WWE purchased WCW and began The Invasion angle, Stasiak found himself with a new comedic gimmick, as he made clumsy attempts to impress The Alliance's new top man Stone Cold Steve Austin by unsuccessfully attacking the likes of The Rock and Kurt Angle. Worst of all, his attempts weren't thwarted by the people he attacked but instead by things such as running into walls or tripping over his own feet. He was briefly paired back with Keibler, but she abandoned him to give her services to The Dudley Boyz just before he got sidelined by injuries. He eventually returned half a year later under another new comedy gimmick that this time saw him hear voices in his head and claim to helm for Planet Stasiak. Despite winning the Hardcore Championship fifteen times during this run, he was ultimately granted his early release and retired from professional wrestling. Final Assessment: Despite a strong start in WCW, WWE failed to capitalise on the natural talent and superstar look possessed by the son of Stan 'The Man' Stasiak by placing him in ridiculous comedy gimmicks.

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