WWE: 20 Best PPVs Of All Time

12. Judgment Day 2000

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP4QnRA0K2E Highlights: Triple H vs. The Rock (Ironman Match), Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho (Submission Match), Too Cool vs. Angle, Edge & Christian Six matches. That's all there was at the three hour event known as Judgment Day. There were no matches featuring big names like Steve Austin, The Undertaker or Kane and Mick Foley was retired, yet the roster was so deep and talented that they were able to put on a lot of great shows that year. This one was headlined by an outstanding 60 minute Ironman Match that saw the heel Triple H win back the WWE Title from The Rock. It was masterfully booked with 11 falls in all (Hunter won 6-5) and the last one was due to Undertaker attacking all of Hunter's buddies that tried to interfere. Hot crowd, two all time greats in the prime of their careers and a crazy finish. The Benoit/Jericho submission match for the IC Title was rare because you don't see submissions matches very often. They made it work, though. The crowd was into it as Benoit won with the Crossface. Two other good midcard matches were Too Cool teaming up with Rikishi to beat Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian in an entertaining opener and also Eddie Guerrero defeated his Radicalz brethren Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko to keep the IC Title. Since it was just a six match card and none of them were that bad, it helped the quality of the show. No bad matches in three hours? We'll take that every time.
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