WWE: 5 Returns That Rocked And 5 That Fizzled


Dave Batista is scheduled to return home to the WWE on Raw this week, where he will no doubt get the chance to pick up his awesomeness from where he last left it. Granted, it would be tough to top his last run, where he was pretty much the worst human being on the face of the Earth for months, but that€™s part of the challenge of our so-called sport. I certainly have made no secret of my love of Batista€™s run as a heel in 2010, including an exit from the promotion where he was fired by Bret Hart and wheeled out with a cast on several parts of his body while crying like a baby. So there€™s a lot to live up to there.

However, in the spirit of positive thinking, I€™d like to present five other returns after long absences where the returns far exceeded the investment and made everyone take notice for a little while. And in the interest of fairness, five returns where we€™d just like to forget about them. These are in no particular order, by the way, aside from whatever I thought about off the top of my head that seemed like a good idea at the time.

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