WWE: 5 Returns That Rocked And 5 That Fizzled

5 Returns That Rocked...

5. Brock Lesnar (2012)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilY3-yXbbLk When Brock left WWE to pursue his dream of making millions of dollars doing anything else but pro wrestling while hunting deer and living in a cave in Minnesota, few gave him a chance. Heck, I think that living out life as a mega-rich Viking Space Lord while running your own farm in a cold wasteland and occasionally clubbing grizzly bears to death with your own hands is pretty much the American Dream. But when going from wrestling to pro football turned out to be unattainable for poor Brock and contract entanglements threatened to keep him from working at doing anything else with his life that would earn him the hundreds of millions that he was clearly entitled to, he simply sued the pants off of WWE and won his freedom. And to celebrate, he went to UFC and beat up dudes for money, some of whom were significantly smaller than grizzly bears and thus easy prey for him. And there was a lot of money to be earned from trolling hardcore fight fans who didn€™t want to see the €œfake pro rassler€ dominating their sport. Sadly, while no wild animal (boar, bear, giant squid, whatever) could best Brock in a fair fight, a rare intestinal disorder could, and he was forced into retirement from MMA and back to WWE again, where wrestling a bear for money was a right and honorable pastime. And then he lost to John Cena in his first match back, but my lord that return was so tremendous that GROWN MEN were jumping up and down in excitement like pre-teens at a Justin Bieber concert, losing their minds. And ever since then, Brock€™s appearances have been like a force of nature unleashed on the show, sweeping in and kicking hats, throwing couches, slamming dudes onto tables, whatever. You can say that he should be more selective about the jobs he does and who he works with, but would you argue with the guy that probably plows his own fields with a yoke tied around his neck like Babe the Blue Ox? I wouldn€™t.

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