WWE: 6 Crowds That Most Hated John Cena

1. Vs. Rob Van Dam - ECW One Night Stand 2006

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktCg4Mb-m_8 Every single person who has seen this match knew it was going to be last on this list. I genuinely feared for Cena€™s safety that night. It was ECW€™s second One Night Stand PPV and the ECW faithful were back where they belong, in the great hall of the Hammerstein Ballroom at an ECW event. For those who are aware of the ECW fans then you know exactly what I mean when I say they are some of the craziest, most blood thirsty audiences in professional wrestling. It all started at Wrestlemania 22 when Rob Van Dam became Mr Money in the Bank and earned himself a title shot against any champion, anytime, anywhere. On the May 22nd edition of Raw, Rob Van Dam announced that he would be cashing in his opportunity for a title match at One Night Stand. The ECW fans were relentless, verbally crucifying any WWE wrestler that made an appearance that night. Rob Van Dam made his way to the ring with the entirety of the Hammerstein Ballroom on his side, not a single person in that arena wasn€™t backing RVD. Then Cena€™s music hits and I swear I have never heard boos louder or fiercer than at that exact moment. I mentioned previously about fans wanting Cena€™s head, well this crowd were ready and willing to take it. Cena tried to express good faith by throwing his shirt into the crowd for a fan to have, but the ECW fans were not having it, the shirt flew straight back into the ring. Cena then tried multiple times throwing it in different directions, but again and again that shirt would find its way back to Cena. Mr Joey Styles summed the atmosphere up perfectly with: €œI don€™t think John Cena understands that the ECW fans want no part of him, well maybe except his head!€ At one point in the match the camera focuses in on a sign that read €œIf Cena wins we riot€ and I could tell that if he did in fact win, then that was certainly what they were going to do. What sets this crowd apart from the rest is that they didn€™t just boo, they chanted...and they chanted loud. Now these chants weren€™t just your standard wrestling chants, these were brutal. Such chants included €œF*ck you Cena€ €œYou can€™t wrestle€ and €œSame old s**t€ and these weren€™t just chanted by a few rowdy individuals, they were chanted by every last person in the building. With Cena still firmly placed at the top of the WWE food chain, it is clear that the WWE aren€™t listening to their audience when it comes to how they deal with Cena. I, for one think we as an audience just need to be louder and instigate a change, but I don€™t think there will ever be an Anti-Cena crowd on anywhere near the same level as the ECW faithful. I hope you€™ve enjoyed looking back with me, I€™d love to hear from you in the comments below. -->
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