WWE: 8 Wrestlers Set To Be “Future Endeavored” In 2014

7. Sin Cara

sin cara Has Sin Cara already been released? Whilst online speculation blew up a couple of weeks back when Sin Cara returned to television sporting a shoulder tattoo suspiciously similar to the one that resides on Hunico, the former Sin Cara Negra, the WWE were quick to confirm that the original Sin Cara was very much still employed (despite the fact that he was tweeting about enjoying his dinner whilst he was supposedly wrestling Alberto Del Rio on Raw). Whilst the original Sin Cara was an enormous star in Mexico, his WWE run has been a string of missed opportunities, whilst Hunico has proven time and again that he is a capable and exciting prospect (his roll-up powerbomb is a particularly impressive counterpoint to his more typical lucha repertoire). When - and it does seem to be a mere matter of time - the original Sin Cara is let go and Hunico takes on the mantle of Sin Cara permanently, there will be an element of just desserts - when both men were wrestling in Mexico, there was a dispute as to which one came up with the name 'Mistico' and as such was allowed to use it. Whilst Hunico lost that round, it seems that he might be about to have the last laugh.
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