WWE Backlash 2016: 10 Things WWE Got Right

9. Baron Corbin Beating Apollo Crews

Dean Ambrose AJ Styles

Since the brand split, Baron Corbin hasn't really found his groove on SmackDown Live. In fact, it's been a slow process since WrestleMania for the former NXT man, and it's still unclear exactly where he fits in on the main roster. Backlash was a step in the right direction, and Apollo Crews was the ideal opponent for the heel.

Crews himself has had teething problems, a lack of personality makes it harder for him to connect with fans. Thankfully, SmackDown's writers played to his strengths at Backlash, simply allowing him to step foot in the ring and show what an incredible athlete he is. Nobody would have expected Apollo to have as good a match as he did with Corbin.

The end result, a Baron win, was the right one. Corbin is someone management are obviously high on, and he needs to keep racking up the wins. By fending off the best Crews had to offer, he looked powerful and dominant.

Now, Baron Corbin can move on to a feud against someone like Kane with momentum.


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