WWE Draft 2024: 10 Roster Trades That MUST Happen

These Raw, SmackDown and NXT jumps would ROCK WWE's upcoming 2024 Draft.

WWE Draft 2024 Roman Reigns

The Draft is upon us yet again, so brace yourselves for grand, sweeping statements on how superstars will be "locked down", under "ironclad contracts" and more. WWE routinely treats the roster shakeup like a seismic game-changer, but most fans know Triple H's creative team will get bored and start fudging their own rules pretty quickly.

Regardless, 2024's version is worth keeping an eye on.

On paper, WWE has the chance to promote fresh faces from NXT and completely alter the paths of several important championships. Further, the company can move top names aplenty and start getting viewers prepped for some stunning matches over the summer and (hopefully) into 2025.

If handled correctly, this year's Draft can even keep the products on Raw and SmackDown busy enough all the way up until WrestleMania 41. That really isn't as far away as you think, people! Blink an eye and the chat will turn to Survivor Series: WarGames, Royal Rumble and 'Mania yet again.

Here are 10 of the biggest switches WWE must book come twin Draft specials on SmackDown and Raw respectively later this month.

10. Bayley (SmackDown > Raw)

WWE Draft 2024 Roman Reigns

No wasting time with preliminary picks here!

Bayley just won the Women's Title from old stablemate IYO SKY at 'Mania, but WWE can still play swapsies with both major female belts. For that to happen, ex-Damage CTRL leader Bayley would have to kiss goodbye to her pal Naomi and strike out on her own over on Raw.

This might be the only way to logically stop CTRL from chasing their former mate around arenas every Friday. It's certainly worth thinking about for Trips and his writers - if Bayley is still on SmackDown after the Draft, then avoiding rematches vs. IYO, Asuka and more would be difficult.

There'd be something fairly fresh about seeing Bayley head up Raw's women's division as champ too. Technically, Hall Of Famer and career renaissance queen Trish Stratus is still on the red brand, and that'd be a match up worth seeing come SummerSlam in August.

Food for thought, if nothing else.


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