WWE Draft 2024: 10 Roster Trades That MUST Happen

9. Liv Morgan (Raw > SmackDown)

WWE Draft 2024 Roman Reigns

An emotional and very p*ssed off Rhea Ripley vacated the Women's World Title on Raw, and 'Mami' blamed Liv Morgan for her injuries. Liv views that as revenge, because it was Rhea who put her on the bench previously. So, how does Morgan's move to SmackDown factor into all of this?

Presumably, WWE won't want both female straps on the same brand. They've also got a golden chance to mix things up and switch the World Title over to Fridays following Ripley's announcement. Somewhere, Tony Khan must be rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect of a tournament. If he can see past his "hate" for WWE, of course.

Enough about that, and back to Liv.

It'd make sense if Morgan won the vacant belt and held it just long enough for Rhea to heal up and come back as a rampaging babyface who's screaming for vengeance. Sometimes, stories like this fall on creative's lap. This is 100% one of those.


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