WWE Hell In A Cell 2018: 10 Things WWE Got Right

10. Focusing On Weapons In The Opener

Randy Orton Screwdriver

What a surprise Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton had in store for HIAC's opener.

It isn't easy for performers to work within WWE's PG limitations and produce stunning cell matches. The (intentional) heavy blade jobs of the past have been consigned to history, and that has left some scrambling to fill time inside the cage. Kudos to Hardy and Orton then; they stretched PG as far as it'd go.

Randy also spent time stretching Jeff's ear to breaking point, and it looked gnarly. This is Orton at his best. As a cold-blooded, psychopathic heel who revels in someone else's misery with an almost sexual gratification, he's in his element. In retrospect, putting he and Hardy inside the Cell was an excellent decision.

Sweet, unique bumps like Hardy being dumped onto the ladder's support beams, Orton's aforementioned screwy screwdriver spot and the overall focus on weapon shots helped the opener captivate San Antonio. That wasn't a given going in.


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