WWE Money In The Bank 2018: 10 Things WWE Got Right

9. Bringing Daniel Bryan Out First

Daniel Bryan

Bonus points go to the dude holding up that "Nobody Beats Mr. Perfect" sign during Daniel Bryan's entrance. Aside from that little blast of nostalgia, the entire crowd were gripped by a severe case of "Yes" fever from the off, and it was awesome.

Starting out the main show with Bryan's stirring entrance was smart. Fans were more than ready to cheer on one of their favourites, and there's nobody on the roster with the same organic appeal as everyone's favourite bearded warrior. No, not even Big Cass.

It's clear that Cass is (once again) struggling to convince in the heel role. Due to that, and also because people just dig Bryan, seeing Daniel open up MITB by leading chants of his infectious catchphrase set the tone for the rest of the night.

If only WWE had more characters that fans felt compelled to pour adulation upon.


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