WWE Royal Rumble 2022: 10 Nightmares That Could Come True

Vince McMahon wouldn't disgrace a WWE legend at Royal Rumble. Would he?!

WWE Royal Rumble 2022 Vince McMahon Johnny Knoxville

Lots of people will be steaming mad if WWE f*cks this up.

One of this writer's good friends, who has fallen away from wrestling over the years, summed up why he's watching again: "The Rumble's the Rumble". He's also excited for WrestleMania season, but did express slight fears that Vince McMahon's league will turn him off long before Dallas by "spoiling my Royal Rumble for me".

A ton of fans probably have the same concerns. Such nightmares are common, and the worst of them are included here. If you, like said mate, are worried that WWE will pick the wrong Rumble winners, read the audience poorly by reverting back to a time when Roman Reigns was struggling or make icons look like morons, then this is the article for you.

Saturday's Rumble will either be a cheerful affair that gets things moving en route to 'Mania, or it'll be a miserable experience that reinforces arguments against WWE from the haters. Could it be true? Could McMahon and his minions really spoil one of the most beloved pay-per-views of all time?

Big gulps at the ready...

10. WWE Tacks On A Quick Squash

WWE Royal Rumble 2022 Vince McMahon Johnny Knoxville

Questions must be asked about that spelling bee segment on Monday's Raw. It didn't come to a satisfying conclusion before WWE then hastily set up some scooter-related bullsh*t for next week. The concern here is that creative just don't see Alpha Academy the way fans do.

They might get squashed at the Rumble.

In fact, scratch that. Otis and Chad Gable could get squashed before the Rumble. WWE could add in a quick Raw Tag-Team Title match and put it on the dreaded Kickoff show - if so, then they can kiss goodbye to the Alphas ever coming across as credible threats to Randy Orton and Riddle.

A short squash would be totally unnecessary, especially when Otis and Gable could be workable champs in the future. They're actually one of the only decent heel teams RK-Bro has left to work with on Monday nights, so it'd be thick to run them off here.


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