WWE Talent Cuts Will Save Company $703,000 A Month

Company recently paid $18.5 million for pro-Trump super PAC.

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WWE last night announced a drastic series of talent cuts in an apparent response to the current economic climate, with big names including Rusev, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson all departing the company. Meanwhile, other members of staff will be temporarily furloughed, effective immediately.

The company told investors that they'd underwent an "extensive evaluation of its operations" over the past few weeks, owing to "government mandated impacts on the media business."

Reportedly, the talent cuts are set to save WWE in the region of $703,000 a month. Combined with the savings of delaying the move from Titan Towers to a brand new Stamford office, this amounts to total savings of $4 million a month.


Or to put it another way: the same fee Goldberg received for working a single match at the most recent Super Showdown.

In the same week as they made their roster cuts, Linda McMahon's super PAC (political action committee) in support of President Donald Trump announced $18.5 million in spending in two Florida markets. Coincidentally, the state declared WWE an 'essential business' on 9 April, with the company declaring, "We believe it is now more important than ever to provide people with a diversion from these hard times."


Hard times which they've helped contribute to.

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