WWE: The Fall Of An Empire

Vince McMahon John Laurinaitis

It's been a while since scandal engulfed WWE with enough potency to actually force Vince McMahon to actually do something about it.

Wrestlers, officials and/or members of staff have fallen afoul of the law or worse and, depending on their status, he has sometimes had to act. He's long been a proponent of hoping the that the problem simply just goes away, and based on the success of this strategy for a very recent United States president, he was probably on to something all along.

McMahon's status within the company he turned into an empire will be determined by the ongoing investigations, but he's been in wrestling long enough to know that the one thing that can be capitalised on even more than a retirement is a return. A temporary exit now is one thing, but a gleeful return to the top table if he's absolved of all allegations will leave more p*ss in his pants than when Steve Austin held a toy gun to his head.

All that's the business of the boardroom, realistically. The perception battle is a different one he'll continue to navigate in the only (carny) way he knows. Last week's Wall Street Journal report was the latest in a long line of fairly public dramas he'll now have to hope will just dissolve into the background of the typical noise and news that makes up the rolling cycle on 24/7 television channels and social media alike.

Or all of that, but maybe 24 or so hours after the news broke. He had an episode of SmackDown to promote, after all.



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