WWE's Greg Hamilton Deletes Twitter Reaction To Lio Rush's Retirement

Greg Hamilton got spicy in response to Lio Rush retiring, then deleted the tweet.

Greg Hamilton

WWE ring announcer Greg Hamilton has deleted a sarcastic Twitter response to news of Lio Rush's pro wrestling retirement.

Tuesday saw Rush announce that he was stepping away from the squared circle, having suffered an injury in his AEW debut at Double Or Nothing 2021. In a lengthy Instagram post, Rush spoke about his obligations as a family man and how being injured affects his everyday life, saying he was growing frustrated with the things wrestling prevented him from doing.

Hamilton addressed this while quote-tweeting The Sportster's report on the matter. While his original tweet is gone, Twitter user @DinoBambinoski preserved it via the magic of screenshotting:-


Hamilton then responded with the following:-


Interpret the first response (and Hamilton's decision to delete) how you will, but there's plenty of sarcasm in his tone.


Hamilton has been with WWE since 2015. He entered the wrestling business from an entertainment background, having worked for such networks as FOX, and currently serves as SmackDown's ring announcer, having made his name on NXT.

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