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The Adrian Poole is a member of the human species who occasions upon writing infrequently about those things It both loves and loathes. For more madness from this fool, why not read his blog here.

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Liverpool vs Fulham - Match Preview

21 Dec 2012 Adrian Poole

film ALIENS 16k views

50 Reasons Why Aliens Is The Greatest Movie Of All Time

50 reasons why it's not just the greatest sequel or James Cameron movie, but actually the greatest film ever made...

6 Sep 2012 Adrian Poole

Newcastle vs Tottenham - Match Preview

The new Premier League season is finally upon us.

17 Aug 2012 Adrian Poole

film An Expected Extended Journey. 895 views

The Hobbit Trilogy - An Extended Journey Too Far?

Is there really enough source material to stretch Tolkien's writings into three films?

30 Jul 2012 Adrian Poole

4 Reasons Why Andy Carroll Should Stay At Liverpool

There are some good reasons why Brendan Rodgers should keep faith with the big Geordie and give him a chance to impress.

18 Jul 2012 Adrian Poole

gaming Reaver Fable Series 18k views

40 Best Supporting Video Game Characters Ever

Sometimes it is the lesser characters, the supporting cast, the good and bad that makes a game truly stand out and come to life.

14 Jul 2012 Adrian Poole

gaming ZOMBEER_Logotipo_fondo-05caa 300 views

Zombeer to Hit PC, Mac and PS3

Zombeer is a first-person-survival-horror-comedy-shooter aimed at being released on PC, Mac and the Playstation3 by the end of the year.

29 Jun 2012 Adrian Poole

gaming ddww 153 views

Gears of War: Judgement Not Supporting Kinect

Epic lacks faith in the technology to deliver.

29 Jun 2012 Adrian Poole

gaming tg 3k views

GTA 3 and Vice City to be Ported to PSN?

In an attempt to further drum up interest in GTA V, Rockstar are to port their 2001 smash hit game Grand Theft Auto 3 and its almost 10 year old cousin Vice City to the PlayStation Network!

25 Jun 2012 Adrian Poole

gaming Mass Effect Extended Cut

Mass Effect 3 New Ending: What You Need To Know

All the key information for BioWare's upcoming "fixed" ending.

25 Jun 2012 Adrian Poole

gaming Nintendo_Wii_U_Miiverse-580x302

Wii U 'Miiverse' Not Supporting Twitter or Facebook

Nintendo have now confirmed that the new Wii U will not have either a Twitter or Facebook App.

21 Jun 2012 Adrian Poole