10 Gaming Sequels We Wish Didn’t Exist

There are three constants in both the film and gaming industries and that is quality, lack of quality and sequels. Anything will acquire a sequel so long as it shifts enough unit/tickets the first time around irrespective of quality. Whether these things deserve sequels or not is entirely subjective, but they'll likely get one anyway if someone feels there are a couple of dollars to be made. There are plenty of films and games that justify revisiting in sequel form and then more than a few which just change a detail here or a control option there, repackage themselves and shout about how awesome they are. But possibly the most annoying combination in the world comes when a great game or film gets a lousy sequel. There is nothing more unsatisfying than seeing one of your favourite titles being torn apart by a half-baked, ill conceived monstrosity of a sequel that has little love or compassion for what came before it. Games and films, which instead of proudly bearing the hallmarks of quality, merely serve to shamelessly plunder some cash from our expectant wallets. The following is a run down of ten such games. Games which the world would have been better off without.

10. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords

Although to some level we could add the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG to this as well, at least that didn't feel like a half-finished scrap book rip off of a game, which is more than we can say for KOTOR2. Where Knights of the Old Republic put the RPG back on the gaming landscape to a large extent, Knights 2 was a cheap reworking of the same maps and ideas, offering nothing new. It looked like there had been absolutely no work done upon the character modelling or textures of environments and the campaign was about six minutes long from start to boring finish. The so-called story line was massively disappointing and offered nothing we hadn't seen in the last game. The only redeeming feature of this title is that by virtue of being exactly the same as the previous title, we still got to play with our Lightsabers.
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