10 Most Brutal Daredevil Battles In Marvel History

These fights more than prove that Marvel Comics' Man Without Fear lives up to his name.

Daredevil Vs Kingpin
Marvel Comics/Marco Checchetto

There are few street-level heroes in the Marvel Comics universe that have a history as storied as Daredevil, and even fewer have engaged in battles as intense and bloody as his. The Man Without Fear is renowned for never backing down from a fight, even when the odds against him are beyond insurmountable.

His combat training and experiences are only matched by a handful in Marvel Comics, and his superhuman senses give him an edge in almost every fight he finds himself in.

All this said, his opponents are just as fierce in a bout as he is, and in some cases vastly outclass him physically due to their size, superhuman abilities, or a terrifying combination of both. As a result, some of his most iconic fights have been uphill battles, especially when his desire to preserve life is taken into consideration.

However, matching or defeating Matt Murdock may be possible but it is certainly no small feat. The hero's nearly six-decade-long tenure has been marked by spectacular but bone-chillingly violent bouts, and while this list is not exhaustive by any means, it should give you an idea of what the Devil of Hell's Kitchen endures while protecting the innocent.

10. Karnak - Daredevil (Vol. 5) #12

Daredevil Vs Kingpin
Marvel Comics

Karnak is one of the few Inhumans who was never exposed to the Terrigen Mists, meaning he has no special abilities aside from his superhuman physique. He has made up for this by mastering multiple martial arts as well as developing the unique ability to exploit an individual or object's vulnerabilities.

His feats include shattering steel and defeating the likes of Iron Man and Black Widow and Jean Grey herself considers him to be the most dangerous Inhuman.

His skills were once again put to the test in the Charles Soule run on Daredevil, where Matt Murdock has been investigating a string of unsettlingly artistic Inhuman murders. Naturally, this endeavour took him to Attilan, where he asked the Inhuman queen Medusa for help.

Her cold and uncooperative nature plus Matt's aggression escalated the already tense situation, and this led to Karnak attacking the hero. The Inhuman warrior tried to exploit his opponent's blindness but he did not take into consideration that it is his strength as well. This contradiction gave Daredevil the edge in the swift but vicious bout.


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