10 Most Disturbing Comic Book Panels Of All Time

Comic books have featured plenty of disturbing artwork over the years, but these are the worst...

DC Comics

Comic books are filled with incredible stories written by amazing people, but at their core, comics are a visual medium. The art is the means by which the story unravels for the reader, and while comics don't really work without the story, often, a single image can be worth a thousand words.

That's not just an idiom when it comes to comic books, as many tell a terrifying, disturbing, or horrific story in only a single image. In a lot of cases, that's what the cover is for, but the cover is mostly about getting someone to buy a book, which leaves the contents to bring readers back, issue after issue.

When a comic book panel can be described as one of the most disturbing of all time, it has to be a really good one. With more than a century of artwork spread about the millions of pages of comics, that leaves hundreds of millions of pieces of art to choose from, and this list identifies the ten most disturbing.

That's a high bar to set, but the panels seen on this list definitely meet it. Some of them are single panels, while others are splash pages, acting as a single panel/page, but all of them are disturbing for a variety of reasons.

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