The Progressively Harder Deadpool Quiz

The Merc with the Mouth himself doesn't even know his full history - do you?

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Marvel Comics / Jerome Opeña

Deadpool has been on one hell of a journey since his debut; his adventures have taken him from hilarious, heroic heights to vile, villainous lows, from the depths of obscurity to the heights of popularity. He’s joined plenty of super-teams, but that rarely lasts long. Above all that, he’s taken so many knocks to the head, bullets to the brain and stabs to the heart, that even he can’t rely on his own mind to tell the truth about his past.

While many writers play with the character’s psychology to explore elements of his mysterious origins, often leading to confusion and contradictions, there are constants that readers have come to expect from the character. We all recognise the witty banter, the dual katanas, the psycho-spider-man-suit, and his stellar supporting cast of backstabbing misfits.

Over the next fifteen questions, your knowledge of the Regeneratin’ Degenerate will be put to the test. For seasoned comic readers, this quiz could be nothing more than a breezy bit of fun. If you find yourself with more wrong answers than right, then it might be time to pick up some issues and disappear into the wacky, woeful world of Wade Wilson.

1. What Is His Middle Name?


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