How Spider-Man Would Defeat Every Batman Villain

No foe is too tough for Spidey.

Spider-Man Poison Ivy
Marvel Comics/DC Comics

When we think of Spider-Man, we picture the Wall-crawler swinging across the city and cracking wise, while webbing up bank robbers and supervillains. But what really makes Spidey one of the world's greatest superheroes is his intelligence and adaptability. When he faces a new enemy, he doesn't wail on them with no rhyme or reason. Instead, the Web-head breaks down their strengths and weaknesses to assess the best way to take these foes down.

So, let's put Spider-Man's skills to the test. Anyone who's read a Batman comic knows what strategy the Dark Knight would use to beat the Riddler, Scarecrow, or Ra's al Ghul. But how would Spider-Man fare against Bats' rogues' gallery? Because he's far stronger than Batman, the Web-slinger should have less trouble against musclebound foes like Bane or Killer Croc.

But since Spidey has little experience with the likes of Mister Freeze or Poison Ivy, he would probably need a whole new strategy to defeat them.

Because Peter Parker has a scientific mind and heightened reflexes like Bruce Wayne, he would use similar tactics to take down certain enemies. However, it's more likely Our Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man would rely on his own methods to stamp out these iconic Gotham villains.

10. Clayface

Spider-Man Poison Ivy
DC Comics

After coming into contact with radioactive clay, Basil Karlo was transformed into a mud monster called Clayface. He may not be as well-known as the Penguin or Two-Face, but there's no question Clayface is someone you don't want to mess with.

By hardening his body, he can crush his enemies with ease. Alternatively, the shapeshifting creature can trap his foes in his body, smothering them to death. He can also take on a corrosive texture, incinerating anyone he touches. And since he doesn't have conventional organs, Karlo has no obvious weakness, making it difficult for anything to take him out.

Despite being one of Batman's most physically daunting foes, Clayface is the kind of guy that Spider-Man would wipe the floor with. If he's exposed to a solvent like hydrogen fluoride or liquid nitrogen, Clayface will freeze or shatter within a matter of seconds.

Because Spider-Man has access to the most esteemed laboratories in New York, and probably makes solvents in his spare time, Basil knows he wouldn't stand a chance against the Wall-crawler, which is why he would probably steer clear of him.


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