Doomsday Clock #1: 10 Things Everyone Totally Missed

1. Rorschach Isn't Rorschach

DC Comics

One of the biggest controversies when revealed at last month's NYCC was that Rorschach was back. Or is he?

It is clear immediately that this Rorschach is different from the one we knew in Watchmen. He's even more unreliable than the original, with a questionable memory. Forgetful. He's more open to seeing both sides of a story, whereas the original was particularly conservative and unwavering in his opinions. And most notably, he doesn't believe in writing things down - unlike Walter Kovacs who kept an extensive journal on his actions.

Aside from suggesting a more paranoid Rorschach for a more paranoid time, the difference gets confirmed when he reveals that whoever he is, this Rorschach is an African-American man.

Is it someone we already know, from the original Watchmen comic? If so, it doesn't leave many candidates. But given the discarded folder mentioned earlier, which must have come out of Rorschach's car, could this be Doctor Malcolm Long? Could he have somehow survived the blast from Ozymandias' fake Invader?

Or is this some entirely new character too, and if so, why would he chose to become the new Rorschach? This is certainly one of the biggest mysteries and curiosities coming out of Doomsday Clock #1, and one that has to be unraveled soon.

What did you think of Doomsday Clock #1? Did we miss anything else? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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