Is Batman About To Introduce A New Robin?

And it's the last person you'd expect...

Batman Robin Gotham Girl
DC Comics/Tony S. Daniel

With the role of Robin being such an important one in the Batman universe, it's only natural that news about another being added to the list of historic sidekicks is something of an exciting prospect for many fans. As such, it's no surprise that fans (and Bleeding Cool) have begun speculating that ex-heroine Gotham Girl may rejoin the Dark Knight as his sidekick.

While Gotham Girl currently appears to be about to become Thomas Wayne's Robin - as Batman #77's cover heavily suggests - this doesn't necessarily mean she has to be written off as an ally. In fact, her confirmed return only raises further potential for her to remember why she wanted to become Gotham Girl, and return to doing justice as the superhero she deserves to be.

There's no confirmation yet, but Gotham Girl still has a lot of potential still left to be explored. It's clear that it could be best explored were she to return to the world of superhero-ing, so let's cross our fingers that this may mark a redemption arc for the character.


Do you think Gotham Girl will return to team up with Batman? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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