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Resident Evil 7: 10 Facts, Secrets & Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

Those monsters? They're made of actual meat.
By Scott Tailford

10 Nintendo Switch Launch Games Ranked From Worst To Best

What games are coming to Nintendo Switch on 3 March 2017 and which ones are worth buying?
By Tom Orry

10 Video Game Villains Who Were Right All Along

The Assassins killed innocent people. You know that, right?
By Dan Cross

20 WTF Moments From Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil: Texas Chainsaw Edition.
By Jack Pooley

10 Video Game Endings That Were Profoundly Insulting

"Oh, you wanted to see how this ends? That'll be another £10".
By Scott Tailford

10 Honest Truths Xbox One Owners Realise After Buying A PS4

Games with Gold trounces PS Plus, easily.
By Martin Harp

10 Iconic Rockstar Games - Ranked From Worst To Best

Definitely one of the hardest rankings we've ever done.
By Jordan Oloman

For Honor: 10 Gameplay Features Ubisoft Didn't Tell You About

You know it's combat-focused, but what else?
By Dan Cross

20 Most Underrated Open-World Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

Forget GTA V, these will leave a more lasting impression.
By Scott Tailford

Injustice 2: 8 Leaks & Confirmed Details You Need To Know

Did a roster leak spoil the entire cast already? Judge for yourself.
By Cole Collinson

10 Essential PS4 Games You Must Play In 2017

Sony are absolutely KILLING it this year.
By Sam Denton
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NBA 2K17 My GM: 30 Franchise-Saving Trades You Must Make

Simple trades that will upgrade your team.
By Lukasz Muniowski

The Elder Scrolls VI: 8 Perfect Locations Bethesda Must Consider

There's more to TES than just Tamriel...
By Graham Host

20 Reasons 2017's Biggest Video Games Might Suck

Brace for disappointment.
By Jack Pooley

10 Underrated Video Games That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

If they weren't fully appreciated then, how about now?
By Scott Tailford

10 Most Hotly-Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games

It's not all about Zelda and Mario.
By Sam Denton

Fire Emblem Heroes Guide: 20 Crucial Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

Learn how to win big in Nintendo’s latest mobile hit with this comprehensive guide.
By Ken Allsop

15 Most Criminally Underrated Video Game Franchises Of All Time

Forget one game, sometimes entire franchises can fly under the radar.
By Scott Tailford

18 Best Survival Horror Video Games Of All Time

Can Resident Evil 7 make its mark on history?
By Scott Tailford

15 Best Moments In Assassin's Creed History

More crazy Da Vinci contraptions in the future, please.
By Adam Hogg