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3 Major Things We Learnt From The First Alien: Covenant Image

Big things have small beginnings.
By Alex Leadbeater
Alien Covenant

Alien: Covenant - 10 Big Questions It Needs To Answer

Will we get to see the proper Xenomorph?
By Rob Leane

20 Alien Easter Eggs You Never Noticed

In space, no-one can find these Easter eggs...
By Jack Pooley
Alien Covenant

Ridley Scott Teases Xenomorph's Return In Alien: Covenant

"We'll have them all."
By Dan Woburn
Star Wars Is Shit Isnt It Alex

20 Movies That Prove That The 1970s Was The Best Decade For Film

Meet the New Hollywood, better than the current Hollywood.
By Lewis Howse
Alien Covenant

Alien: Covenant - Everything You Need To Know

It's confirmed! But will there be xenomorphs?
By Alex Leadbeater
Alien Covenant

Alien 5 Has Just Been OFFICIALLY Confirmed

And there's even a plot synopsis!
By Alex Leadbeater
Prometheus Deacon

Prometheus 2 Is Actually Called Alien: Paradise Lost

John Milton goes interstellar.
By Alex Leadbeater
Alien Movie

10 Movies That Smashed The Box Office With A Totally Unknown Cast

Success doesn't always rely on Brad Pitt.
By Adam Thompson
Drive Head Stomp

10 Brutally Violent Movie Deaths That Came Out Of Nowhere

Well, that escalated quickly.
By Brogan Morris
Chris Pratt Films

10 Big Movie Franchises Chris Pratt Can Try Next

Chris Pratt performs the entire Harrison Ford back catalogue, and then some.
By Baz Greenland
Alien Review

10 Classic Movies You Didn't Know Were Slammed By Critics

Even legendary film critic Roger Ebert got it wrong from time to time.
By Andrew Dilks
Fear Her 388

10 Times Doctor Who Has Ripped Off Other Franchises

A long time ago in a TARDIS far, far away...
By Terry Warner
Alien Prototypes

31 Behind-The-Scenes Shots Of Alien Movies You Need To See

Or how to ruin the magic of Ridley Scott's best work.
By Joe Pring
Alien 5

Neill Blomkamp Says Fox Want To Make His Alien Movie

Concept art for the proposed movie was leaked recently.
By Brendon Connelly
Alien Xenomorph Birth

10 Iconic Movie Scenes You Won't Admit Have Aged Terribly

Some special effects simply don't cut it in this day and age...
By Andrew Dilks
Alien Concept Art

10 Amazing Unmade Alien Films

In space, nobody can hear you scream. Speculate, though? Sure!
By Tom Baker
Alien Chestburster Bazinga

21 Movie Moments Made Better With A Bazinga

Those movie moment when a "BAZINGA" would have been appropriate.
By K.J. Stewart
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7 Movies People Think Are All About Sex

Prepare to see your favourites in a totally new light.
By Alex Leadbeater
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14 Isolation Films You Shouldn't Watch Alone

It can get mighty lonely out there...
By Chris OMalley
Alien Head Avp Galaxy

10 Greatest Blu-ray & DVD Packaging Ever

Box sets so gorgeous they're almost better than the films.
By Mark Allen
Black Swan Natalie Portman

9 People You Won't Believe Actually Died Watching Famous Movies

Probably should've gone bowling instead.
By WhatCulture
Daredevil Ninja Turtle

8 Movies You Won't Believe Are Set In The Same Universe

Daredevil in the same world as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? We're not kidding.
By Stephen Kennedy
Jurassic Park

10 Pre-2000 Movies With Special Effects That Still Hold Up Today

It's often said what knocked your socks off last year, will barely raise an eyebrow now.…
By Mark Woodrow
Youre Next 2

10 Formidable Final Girls Who Survived Horror Movies

It's safe to say that these plucky heroines have been through a lot more than your average…
By David Opie

12 Fantastic Films You Only Remember For One Scene

Does one perfect scene make a perfect film?
By Dan Wakefield
Halloween Resurrection

20 Movie Franchises That Carried On For Way Too Long

Complaining about these overstuffed franchises is probably the most "joyful" thing about them…
By Scott Campbell

10 Jaw-Dropping Movie Monsters We All Loved To Watch

Film fans tend to enjoy having their pants proverbially (maybe literally too) blown off by a…
By Stephen Kennedy

10 Famous Film Heroes Who Totally Failed In Their Quest

By Baz Greenland

5 Original Script Drafts That Would Have Made Popular Movies Unrecognisable

By Barry Marshall