The Intership

10 Bafflingly High 2015 IMDb Scores You Won't Believe

Have the users of the IMDb gone totally mad this year?
By Sam Hill
The Intern 3

The Intern Review - The Most Average Movie Ever Made (But At Least De Niro Looks Awake For Once)

An ultimately inoffensive comedy.
By Alex Leadbeater
Anne Hathaway Catwoman Close

7 Tantalising Ways Anne Hathaway Made Her Catwoman Awesome

How Nolan and Hathaway make her the purr-fect version of the thief?
By Alex Leadbeater

15 Worst Movie Scenes Of 2014

The year's movie scenes that just plain sucked...
By Jack Pooley
Interstellar Anne Hathaway Brand1

Interstellar: 10 Big Questions You Still Have

Whatever question can be asked, will be asked.
By Alex Leadbeater
Interstellar 05

Interstellar: 11 Insane Spoilers Everyone Is Talking About

Everyone and their aunt had a theory about what Interstellar's focus really was. And now we…
By Jack Pooley
Anne Hathaway Catwoman

10 Things Batman Vs Superman Won't Do Better Than The Dark Knight Trilogy

Is Batman Vs Superman already doomed to be a lesser Batman film?
By Joe Pring
Interstellar Matthew Mcconaughey Anne Hathaway

10 Movies You Must See To Understand Interstellar

Sci-Fi 101.
By Jonathan Cordiner
Interstellar Anne Hathaway Water

Interstellar: 10 Titbits That Will Get You Even More Excited

In space, no one can hear you scream with excitement.
By Jonathan Cordiner
Devil Wears Prada Starbucks

10 Surefire Signs Your Starbucks Addiction Is Getting Out Of Hand

Just one more espresso shot can't hurt, can it?
By Laura Hurley
Interstellar Anne Hathaway

Interstellar Trailer 2 - Watch It Here!

Based on McConaughey's refiguring of Murphy's Law - whatever can happen, will happen - this…
By Tom Baker

Batman vs Superman Movie: 10 Cameos We Hope To See

Anne Hathaway's Catwoman must be in the new movie, right?
By Jack Pooley
Hugh Jackman Oscars

Last 10 Oscar Hosts: Ranked From Worst To Best

You already know where James Franco is going to place.
By Ken Guidry
Brad Cooper

10 Actors Who Transitioned From Comedy Stars To Dramatic Darlings

Because you don't win Oscars for comedy.
By Lottie Oram
The Joker Heath Ledger

10 Best Batman Movie Performances

This list will honor those who left an everlasting mark on one of Hollywood's most iconic and…
By Sean Gerber
The Dark Knight Batman

6 Common Misconceptions About The Dark Knight Rises

We take a closer look at the film which should help shed some light on the controversy and…
By James Garcia
Hannibal Lecter Silence Of The Lambs

10 Classic Film Characters Who Didn't Have As Much Screen-Time As You Thought

Some actors need only a matter of seconds to spark into life and turn a movie on its head.
By Mark White

Interstellar Teaser Trailer - 3 Things We Learned

The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan's first original film since Inception.
By James Garcia

10 Famous American Actors With Awful British Accents

By Steven Caine
Tumblr Lh3n5eyd9w1qdqsnuo1 400

10 Hollywood Stars Who Got Their Big Break On Embarrassing TV Shows

By Audrey Fox
Don Jon Scarlett Johansson

10 Hottest Actresses Who Will Dominate 2014

By Barry Marshall
Michael Caine

6 Reasons Why The Dark Knight Rises Complaints Should Be Put To Rest

By Ryan N. Glenn
Batman Begins Cillian Murphy

Batman Auditions: Cillian Murphy In The Batsuit & Anne Hathaway As Catwoman

By WhatCulture

From Book To Film: Les Miserables - Does The Film Live Up To The Musical?

By Kaki Olsen

The Dark Knight Rises: 10 Neglected Plot Lines That Should Have Been Developed

By Alejandro Montanaro

Johnny Depp Goes Through The Looking Glass For Alice In Wonderland Sequel!

By Matt Holmes
rdj singing

20 Actors Who Shocked Us With Their Singing Ability

By Audrey Fox
anne hathaway nolan

Anne Hathaway Goes Interstellar With Christopher Nolan

By Matt Holmes

Oscars 2013 Live: Anne Hathaway Wins Best Supporting Actress

By Simon Gallagher

The Dark Knight Rises: 10 Reasons Why Catwoman MUST Get Spin-Off Film

By Chris Haigh